Apparently Johnny made everyone sit down at his own 6th birthday party and watch him do a magic show...

Not much has changed!

During his school years he practised magic and juggling obsessively, then he went up to St John's College, Oxford where he obtained a Masters degree in Engineering Science. Whilst at Oxford he spent a lot of time performing and learning new tricks (including fire eating!), so much so that he ended up getting free tickets to many a May Ball.

After Oxford Johnny decided not to become an engineer (to the great relief of all who knew him!) and instead went to mime and physical theatre school. His performance skills now include magic, mime, juggling, escapology and fire eating.

Johnny's real name is John Hayns. As well as being a performer, he is also a business speaker, former Chair of The Magic Circle and helps to lead the charity ZANE: Zimbabwe a National Emergency.

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In 1906 the council of The Magic Circle said:

'[...] after all, magic is not, primarily, a grave and serious subject. It is, undoubtedly, a most important factor in the education of civilised races. It does more than any abstract science to promote mental stability, prevent superstition and check imposture. Still, its beneficial work is accomplished under the guise of amusement. In no other way could that work be made efficient. If it ceased to amuse, magic could no longer educate. Then we are bound to admit that magic is, as it were, the half-way house between science and frivolity, and, in view of that inevitable admission, we must agree that our best course is to present the subject of magic in its true aspect. We magicians, however serious our ultimate aims may be, know that those aims can only be achieved by promoting the gaiety of nations. We cannot be, alternately, serious and amusing. Our design is to be both serious and amusing at the same time.'

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